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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 17, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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we are watching the middle east, and be careful, business sectors will be adversely hurt what we are seeing with the violence there. there's more up next in the two hours with ashley webster and tracy byrnes. ashley: thanks. i'm ashley webster. tracy: i'm tracy byrnes, it is the first anniversary of occupy wall street. protesters on the street stopping people from getting to work, but people got to work, and the markets opened for business, and so are we. we're going to look at what, if any impact, the movement is having today and on the upcoming election. of course, lou dobbs next. ashley: weighing in on the violent protests continuing overseas and what that means to the price of oil and gas and if it raises the chances of oil being released from the reserves. tracy: congress needs to act
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fast. we are going to look at the defense names that could take the biggest hits, ones you might want to get out of before it's too late. ashley: it is time for stocks like every 15 minutes, going to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, stocks breathing after four consecutive days of gains. >> that's true. four great days, of course, the fed delivered the bond buying program, and an accommodated fed, and today, we are giving back a little bit, down one quarter of 1%. we got in a new york fed manufacturing survey number that was a big disappointment so that's something that weighed on the markets today overall. the dollar's just a little higher and commodities pulling back a little bit, but something we've continued to follow very closely is apple. the apple iphone5. of course, the preorders have gone haywire; right? they cost all kinds of new records. it's not going on sale until you
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walk in the store to buy it september 21st, but it's already setting records. it did not cross 700, however, it got to 699.54, an all-time high for apple. 41 all time highs in new york in 2012 for apple. tracy: so much for the connector being an issue for people. protests continue in the middle east with one reported protester dead in the region today. fox joins us now from cairo with the latest. what was the leader of al-qaeda's role in the riots there? >> the leer of al-qaeda's brother lives here in cairo. he's a convicted jihadist who is now out, and he's the guy who organized the first of the rallies that took place in cairo back on tuesday. you might remember outside the u.s. embassy.
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what was most interesting, perhaps, is you have all anger over the film. i asked the organizers, have you seen the movie? he goes, no. there's a real question over what people are outraged over, if they have seen the movie or if they are outraged what they were told about the movie leading down the path of how this has been going in terms of violence, and also, he says this is not over yet because if the united states does not respond appropriately to his mind, which means punishing those involved with this film, he says these protests could continue. i said, what do you want to have dope to the filmmakers? he said, well, i'd like to see them tried in front of a sharia court meaning if they don't repent for insulting the prophet, he thinks they should be executed. that shows how quickly, simply how a jihadist leader talks about an anti-american protest brings out a few thousand people
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in front of the u.s. embassy. that shows the ground swell of anti-americanism now taking place in cairo. back to you. tracy: leeland, out in cay row, thank you very much. ashley: continuing with rising tensions in the middle east, oil traders growing more concerned as conflicts spread west to oil rich nigeria. phil flynn has more on this. are you concerned then, phil, what's going on in nigeria? >> i am right now. see, egypt doesn't produce a lot of oil, and because we built in good buffer of supply in case of a disruption, we really have to see oil come off the market. if each -- it's not going to cost the global market place any oil, but nigeria's a very important cog in the global oil economic wheel. they have a very high quality oil that's very difficult to replace, and considering the fact that the three places you
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really rely on in europe for high quality crudes is the north sea, libya, and nigeria. if we lose oil from either nigeria or libya, we could have a situation like we saw earlier in the summer where crude hit record highs. back to you. ashley: phil, thank you very much. >> thanks. trace -- tracy: u.s. programs on the chopping block, and if we don't reduce the deficit, u.s. military spending will be slashed by $54.7 billion in 2013, 9.4% of the budget. what's that mean for the defense industry, and which companies could take the biggest hit? brian, weighing in, managing directer of research at crt capital. brian, first of all, you're saying regardless of the election and who wins, the defense industry will see budget cuts? >> that's correct. over the last 70 years, defense,
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u.s. defense, has gone in cycles, and i see it's war spending ramping up, and then after the war, spending ramping down. we're coming out of a war. we should be out of combat operations in afghanistan in the next two years. we're going to see spending ramped down in defense and sequestering is just one thing that's going to hit the defense group, but there's other things, just the ramp down, the pure ramp down coming out of the war. i see that happening. tracy: the service companies see the bottom line affected. like whom? >> well, all of the defense primes have a services component. there's a company -- there's a lot of specific security services companies, excuse me, defense services company, and one of them happens to be in,
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and they -- they have the potential because they have a lot of afghanistan exposure to be hit. also the big defense primes hilt on the product side, but over time. tracy: in this case, you're talking about the likes of lookheed martin, general dynamics, they are the dpefs -- defense product companies. could take time, but will see the stocks affected as well? >> that's correct. if you're halfway through an f-35 build or 20f-35 builds, you continue to build them because you have $150 million a plane. you just don't stop construction, but over time, i see that the big platforms are going to have to get stretched out. some of them cap -- canceled just over time as we squeeze the budget down. tracy: right. the companies in preparation is sitting on cash. they don't know what to do,
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issuing nice dividends. are you saying to stay away from these guys right now? >> absolutely. it's a dividend yield trap right now as an investor going into the 5% dividend yield stories on the defense primes, you know, lockheed paying around 5%. the problem is over time, can they maintain their current earnings? yes, for the next year or so, i think they can, but longer term, i have concerns that we are at a peak in the cycle. we have all these negative catalysts coming ending the war. sequestering, and longer term, we can't continue this. tracy: brian, thank you very much for the insight. >> thank you. ashley: not like we have not seen it coming, that's for sure. coming up, a retail job that's so dangerous, how dangerous? workers want bullet proof vests. find out which job we're talking
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is coming from.r ] if you can't afford your medication, as a homeless teen myself, i really understand this first hand. nobody should go through that, and with your help, nobody will. to find out how to do your part, go to ♪ ashley: time to make money with charles payne. he's got to keep investments safe. what have you got? cybersecurity. >> remember last week, the go daddy thing?
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anonymous says they were the one who took them down, and management says it was a series of internal problems. the cybersecurity thing is outrageous. it's a major, major problem, a major threat. there's a loot of good companies involved in it. i like source fire. they really seem to be ahead of the curve on a lot of things. fire is the symbol. i'll be honest. i hate cute symbols, but anyway, when they form a word, i'm like, oh, you know, like, you know, there's two companies i'm way off curse called fail that use the symbol. never use that one. these guys, they do fire walls, mobile, virtual, networking power. the stock is one of the stocks that agents good, acts like it's going to go on the cusp of a break out. it's a momentum. you like the trivia stuff. i have numbers. $2.5 billion, the amount that have been siphoned out of banking thes so far this year.
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$75 million in unique pieces of malware, and i heard nukes, how many cyberattacks do they get aday? ashley: oh, my god, thousands. >> ten million. ashley: ten million! >> from the national nuclear security administration, so, yeah. that's what it is. it's non-stop. you know, might be a good place to have that in your portfolio. ashley: up 70 #% year-to-date. >> it's been on fire, no pun intended, but the next breakout could be higher. great stuff as always. ashley: thank you, charles. tracy: probably college kids breaking in. all right, ready? it's so dangerous to work at some small convenience stores known as bodegas, workers want
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bullet proof vests. they are working with the city of newark, new jersey to provide bullet proof vests for workers. we are laughing, but they are working with newark mayor to provide a public-private partnership to protect the workers. an 18 worker was shot and killed in newark, and another was killed in the bronx. it's bananas, but on the other hand -- ashley: it's a sad statement. >> a lot of them have bullet proof glass. it is dangerous. there's no doubt about the murders, but i worry about the government paying for these things. to me, that's part of business. get the bullet proof vests, and it's -- you know, make sure the city okays is. a lot of cities they are illegal. i don't know if you can get them in new york city without a license, but i don't think the city should pay for them. tracy: as you said, what a state of affairs you can't buy a soda
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without having bullets. dow down 37 points now. as we do every 15 minutes, checking the markets. nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. casual dining, analysts say it's a buy? >> that's right. a close look here at bloomen brands, the brands of the outback steakhouse. they have the initial public offering in early automobile accident, and since then, the stock -- august, and since then, the stock is moving higher. they have been overweights and such, and jpmorgan, goldman sachs, wells fargo, getting a lot of really good ratings from the analysts. the ipo was $11 a share, and now it's $14.88. outback steakhouse, potential for expansion internationally. good news there. look, also, as the casual diners
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like cheesecake factory. there's a look how we are right now. brinker, you can see it's a mixed bag for the most part. casual dining has done well this year. back to you. tracy: thanks, outback that has the blooming onion. ashley: i'm hungry too. we have the stories here next with charlie. tracy: let's see how the dollar is fairing today against the foreign currency. it is up against the euro, down against the u.k. pound. what's going on in england there? ashley: it's not good. it's not pretty. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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>> 21 minutes past the hour, i'm lauren green with the fox news minutement the chicago mayor took a step to end the teachers' strike asking the court to end
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it. the strike affects 350,000 students now into the second week. a new study shows american children eat too much salt. the recommended daily intake for adults is no more than one teaspoon, about 2300 milligrams. on average, the kids in the study had 33300 milligrams. a giant panda gave birth at the national zoo in washington following years of failedded pregnancies. the protective mother built large nests so no one saw the baby yet, but you can hear the squawking noise the cub makes. those are the headlines on the fox business network and now back to ashley webster and tracy byrnes. tracy: lauren green, thank you very much. we have news on mary schapiro. we was an exclusive. charlie, what's going on? >> apparently, sources close tell the fox business network she was hospitalized last week for a medical procedure late
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last week. the rumor mill built when she missed an internal hearing and meeting, but hospitalized for what is describeed to us as a medical procedure. we don't know what it is. i pushed the fcc spokesman on what that means, does it mean surgery, he won't go there. here's what they won't -- here's what they will talk about. they will say that, you know, the speculation, and this also came as there was immense speculation that she is stepping down imminently, i think a lot of people on wall street would like to have that happen yesterday, and he denies she has plans to step down. i raised the question whether she may step down depending on who is elected after this year's up, and remember, the fcc chairperson is a presidential appointee, even if president obama is re-elected, and he came back saying she has no plans of stepping down. she's due back in the office wednesday. it's described as a medical procedure. i don't know how serious it is.
1:24 pm
she's apparently working from home today, but she has been out of the office for, you know, as going on -- it'll be going on a week if she returns wednesday. you know, it's kind of interesting. you know, there is a question as to whether you cover stories like this always. i think you do if the person is in the sort of top position; right? i remember in the financial crisis right before the you know what hit the fan, jimmy kaine was the ceo of stearns in 2007 hospitalized for what was initially described as a prostate infection that developed into a bad infection, and he was the ceo, that nearly killed him. it was a company under pressure, you know, people wondered what's going to be next? do they have the leadership in place? the people at bear were just ripping man that i reported this, but i thought it was -- ashley: given his position. >> and what's going on at the
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firm, it was the first firm to go under in the financial crisis, and given the critiques of the leadership, they thought he was too hands off, and then he's in the hospital and nearly died. i thought it was, you know, it was reportable. i think this is reportable too because, as i said -- ashley: is she under pressure? >> i think she is. there's a lot of noise about her whether shements to stay in that job as well. i mean, in is not been an easy job. a lot of pressure on the fcc. you see, the sec regimely agented, and nothing's every independent, but an independent agency that works -- a presidential appointment, there's democrats and republicans that are commissioners, and, you know, so it's independent, bipartisan, but this one's differentment i think what you have is a lot of pressure coming from the white house to bring cases to show they are on the, you know, on the ball, that, you know, they are cracking down on wall street, and people are saying on wall street they are going
1:26 pm
overboard. she lost a pretty important vote on the regulation of money market funds. remember that? she couldn't -- she basically, people say she didn't work to get the consensus to get the sec's plan to push through. i think that was a setback. the notion that the sec is independent is now up in the air. i can tell you that people at the new york stock exchange are ripping mad about that. if you look at the settlement, they paid a $5 million fine for not distributing data equally between retail clients, average people, and institutions on data that the retail clients don't use, that they gave the institutions maybe a nano second faster. all you did is read about this for the next three days. i'm all for beating up the fat cats, i have been my entire career, but there is talk this is an agency that is going after the sort of cases, and, by the way, there's a lot of stuff out there. market structure, you know, a
1:27 pm
lot of bad stuff, and anyway, she's coming under pressure. we wish her well, hope she gets back, and i know mary, i don't agree with the policies, but a great person. funny because she was anti-regulation for the longest time. tracy: she was. ashley: then she was pro-regulation. >> i don't know that that's true. tracy: first woman to chair the sec. got to give her there. >> very accomplished person wishing her a speedy recovery. the biggest news is that she's coming back, and apparently not stepping down. ashley: continue to follow it. tracy: thank you, sir. ashley: oil hovering around $11 # 00 -- $100 a barrel, and tensions overseas push it beyond that mark and hilt our wallets? we'll investigate after the break. tracy: winners and losers on the s&p500. office depot way up top.
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somebody going to buy that company?
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ashley: time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange. our very own nicole petallides watching office depot shares take off, nicole. >> that's right. we cover these office supply stocks very closely because sometimes they have some big moves. in this case we're watching office depot very carefully today. hedge fund starboard value has taken 13.3% stake in office depot. that makes it the biggest shareholder of office depot. you can see how it is faring right now. it is up 7.7% at this moment
1:32 pm
at $2.66 a share. you can look at some of the other office suppliers on this same day. officemax, for example, hitting a fresh 52-week high. that is on the move as well. this is big news. starboard is saying office depot is dopely undervalued. really showing a vote of confidence on the company which sup 19 cents right now. back to you. tracy: see you in 15 minutes. chaos continues in the middle east today. the latest clashes in afghanistan. hundreds burned cars and threw rocks at the military base in kabul. the crowd chanted, death to america. they charged police and attacked government buildings. the wave of protest over the anti-islamic film has spread to pakistan a tunisia. the attacks in pakistan left one protester dead and many injured. hundreds of people set fire to a government building in northwest pakistan and sparked a gunfight with police. in jakarta crowds hurled
1:33 pm
firebombs at the u.s. embassy. this is the first violent seen in indonesia, the world's most poplous muslim country since the outrage began last week. ashley: all the violence in the middle east has certainly sparked concern about rising oil prices. libya, epicenter of the unrest is home to africa's largest oil reserves and plays a key role in oil supply. our next guest is a energies future director, bob jarga joins us. how concerned are you with what's going on in the middle east and the likelihood oil supply could be disrupted? >> well, we have a couple of problems moving at once in the middle east. first of all there is the recent unrest that led to the death of the libyan ambassador, the united states ambassador to libya last week. that implies there could be some kind of falling away of the situation in libya. libya is a big producer. obviously that production was taken off the market in
1:34 pm
the fall fall of muammar qaddafi but has come on board quickly. at the same time you have the iranian situation where there is a lot of barrels taken off the market already as a function of the sanctions. united states armed forces along with 22 other countries are maneuvering in the strait of hormuz right now in a minesweeping operation. so those barrels have already been taken off the market. the market can not really afford to take many more barrels off the market. unrest threatens supply of additional barrels at a very crucial time. ashley: but the price movement hasn't been that high to the upside, has it? why is that? is that psychological $100 a barrel level, do we push through that anytime soon, maybe this week? >> well, we were threw it last week but there's a lot of moving pieces going on here. you have the unrest last week. you have the iranian situation that's been cooking for quite some time. you have the qe3 situation that weakens the dollar and
1:35 pm
bids commodities in general. on a technical level the crude oil market trades through the 200-day moving average last week. that is a very strong technical level people have been looking at. it's a strong technical level for all commoditis. all financially traded instruments. ashley: so where do you see oil going now? i understand a lot depends what is going on in the middle east and what happens next but what do you think based on the fundamentals of the market right now, where do you think oil will go? >> well, i do like it through $100. i see it going through $100. maybe up to 105. 107 is a number a lot of people have been talking about. we have a wave high for the last year, in that area. so i think we could get that area. what we're thinking, what we're forgetting about though, there was a lot of recent talk about the strategic petroleum reserve also. the higher we go the more i feel we'll hear talk along those lines. there is a drag race to the election. it is harder and harder for
1:36 pm
political reasons i think to pull the trigger on the spr release as we get closer to the election. a lot of accusations about it being a political instrument. that to could contemplate also. ashley: but if we see the situation in the middle east settle or die down a little bit you could see a refocus on what is still a fairly weak global economy. so could we see a big selloff in oil? >> well, the demand is definitely lagging but there are just so many moving pieces right now. you know, even, you even have to keep in consideration the average barrel these days is so much more expensive to bring to the market than it had been in the past. we have a lot, even in this country we is a lot of crude oil that we have managed to bring to the surface but it costs a lot more money than it used to. so that is also an added pressure to the upside, cost of bringing crude oil to the surface. ashley: that's very good point. we're already out of time. thank you so much, bob yawger, energy futures
1:37 pm
director at mizuho securities. tracy: breaking news. louisiana state university ordered evacuation of its campus after receiving a bomb threat. this is the third in a string of recent bomb scares on college campuses. both north dakota state and university of texas at austin received bomb threats last week, forcing evacuations. thankfully no bombs were found. we'll keep you updated on the story. what is this? this is crazy. ashley: a trend hopefully going away soon. you can never take anything for granted. tracy: kids have to be careful. protesters hitting the streets of new york's financial district once again to mark the first anniversary the occupy wall street movement. will it have any impact on the upcoming election? lou dobbs will weigh in after the break. ashley: look at the 10 and 30-year treasurys as we head into the break. meanwhile, for the 30-year treasury, also just down by
1:38 pm
six basis points. close to 3%. we'll be right back. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. prosecutors have asked a federal judge to keep perigrine financial group ceo russell wasendorf, sr. in jail until sentencing of his fraud case. there is series risk the government says, wasendorf accused of siphoning off $2
1:40 pm
billion of his customers money if he is released. obama administration filed a case against china with the world trade organization by illegally subsidizing exports and auto parts. china, tit-for-tat filed its own dispute against the u.s. to challenge duties on a range of goods. lowe's is withdrawing the buy yacht bid for canada's rona. lowe's says the board doesn't want to engage in talks after they offered $15 a share for rona that's the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper
1:41 pm
ashley: we have breaking news for you. perigrine wasendorf shall remained detained pending further rulesing by the court. this coming in. of course russell wasendorf, sr., the operator of pfgbest
1:42 pm
founder, attempted suicide back when his scheme, alleged scheme i should say was unveiled. of course he is to remain under detainment for now. so, just got that news in. tracy: as well he should be no? ashley: you would think. tracy: that is just me. occupy wall street activists are marking the first anniversary with a number of demonstrations in new york city and around the world. has the movement lost most of its steam and is it a factor in this year's presidential election? joining us now due lou dobbs i'm sure has an opinion. you know what? prior to this anniversary party today we haven't heard much about this. >> we haven't heard mercifully about them at all. they dissipated back to environs of origin. subterranean. but the fact is, just ask nancy pelosi, what the influence, the effect, the impact of these people, who were really nothing more than the tools and fools at
1:43 pm
the beckon of in vancouver, bc. there is nothing more mellow than a canadian radical. i mean for these folks they're just, trot out to do their bidding t was an exercise in silliness, absurdity and irrelevant. with just, you know the obama administration tried to make something out of it and --. ashley: fell apart. >> buddies in the mainstream media tried to make something of it and they just simply couldn't figure out who they were, what they were doing or why? but other than they were a powerful influence. tracy: they still can't, right? go on the website the revolution continues. you just don't know what the revolution is. >> you don't know what the revolution is. ashley: everything. it is health care. it is, you name it, it is all thrown it. >> they wanted to create this decision between the 1% and 99%. turns out they can't even
1:44 pm
raise to the level of .001%. they are the 1 thousands of 1% maybe this country. silliness and the great service of occupy wall street i believe was to demonstrate as clearly as possible the influence and the loyalty, the adherence of the mainstream media, irrespective of facts or importance or relevance. ashley: right, right. tracy: but, we are talking about it today. do you think it comes back into the election talks. >> not even a little bit. these are sill, lilly -- silly, silly adventures on the part of young people who had nothing to do to follow truck shuns on high. when on high is vancouver, british columbia, radicals have a problem. ashley: all they do there is ski, dude. >> i have is beautiful, i'm not in any way, i want to be very clear, i love vancouver. i love being there. ashley: it is beautiful, yeah.
1:45 pm
>> the fact of the matter is, a hotbed of radicalism? you couldn't pick a more beautiful place to be a radical. this is not exactly the stuff in which, marxist leninism was born. so good luck. ashley: could argue the 1% argument has been all put at the feet of mitt romney, that he represents -- >> by the mainstream media but the real issue here is what the mainstream media will perpetrate. one fiction, one myth, one piece of nonsense after another, so long as, it is at the, in support of the candidacy of, what is his name? president barack h obama. tracy: if you're looking for the truth though, you have to watch lou. see i am every day at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. of course eastern time. tonight, former new hampshire governor and senior romney advisor john sununu inches joss lou to discuss the race and latest polls and what to expect as the election rapidly approaches.
1:46 pm
ashley: yes. should be good. rapidly. tracy: not to mince his words. >> he isn't. he is a hoot. he is an absolute hoot. smart as whip. he puts to ally all of those who would like to argue with him. he is just great funners good stuff. lou and john sununu it rhymes. >> it does. ashley: no coincidence. >> 7:00 and 10:00. >> we only put guests on the show that rhyme -- that is the way we do it. ashley: i did not know that. quarter till. tracy: we should try that. ashley: we should. as we do every 15 minutes let's go down to the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides. two steel-makers getting downgraded, nicole. >> it is interesting. when you fall kk steel and hard to know which they will be headed. a slowing global economy and that means less steel and then china's infrastructure plan, that means for easing.
1:47 pm
more easing from the fed. the analysts are coming out today to try to give you the real deal. jpmorgan is downgrading ak steel and u.s. steel. noting steels prices prices are expected to decline soon. ak steel sort of reiterating, forecasting their quarterly loss which will be more than they had expected. so you can see both stocks right now. 28%. 18% that was a long-term chart. certainly not today's. back to you. ashley: just looking at fundamentals of that industry. nicole, thank you very much. since the end of the recession gains in corporate profits at home have been outpacing the broader economy but that could be changing. sandra smith tells you the red flags you need to look out for next. tracy: we have winners and losers on the nasdaq.
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ashley: the treasury department has reportedly balked at an offer from general motors to buy out the government's stake in the company. why? gm's offer amounted to a huge loss for taxpayers. liz macdonald. emac the bottom line. >> in the auto bailouts you will hear they were a win-win for taxpayers but win-win for jobs that is the debatable point. but not yet for the taxpayer recovery of money invested in gm the stake is still underwater, trading at about $24 a share. it has to hit $53 for taxpayers to break even to get the $27 billion back. we have been in touch with general motors they have confirmed to fox business it has been talking to treasury
1:52 pm
since the beginning of the year to unload the government's stake in gm. at what price is the key. also 500 million shares at, you know, $35 a share, right. >> which is the talk it could be in the 30s. that is nine billion loss. ashley: ouch. >> 24 is where it is closing at. you will see a $14 billion loss. that for all 500 million. depends on the share count. have to unload 200 million the losses go down. that is $7 billion loss. we taubed to gm, why now? why do you want to unload now? why do you want the government out? for that very reason, we do not want the government involved in nur business anymore because we have to adhere to tarp rules. tarp rules restrict executive pay. ashley: funny they don't understand the taxpayers don't want that big of a loose. what is treasury saying. >> we're not a long-term investor. we're not a hedge fund. we want to get out. we didn't do this to make a profit. we did i had it to prevent the collapse of auto business. hard to show up to people to show up to work for the
1:53 pm
government. ashley: government motors. >> but the bottom line is, look for all the bailouts the taxpayers still face mass losses. fannie mae and freddie mac still owe $142 after dividends. gm, 27 billion. 300 banks, $10 billion bucks. ashley: to call it a huge success is huge mistake. >> numbers to keep in your pocket as the election rolls back out. tracy: liz macdonald thank you. ashley: we need her. tracy: the prolonged boom in american corporate profits as far outpaced gains in the broader economy since the end of the last recession. maybe it is all faltering. where are the red flags? sandra smith is here with today's trade. she will tell us. >> simply put, tracy and ashley, the reason many u.s. corporations have been able to prop up their profits because they have been cutting cost, cutting workers and that improves the bottom line. that can only last so long. analysts are warning with the stock market sitting
1:54 pm
pretty at these multiyear highs they have been artificially propped up by some of the numbers coming from u.s. corporations and those things might be changing soon here. here is the latest forecast from analysts surveyed by thomson reuters. they're forecasting profits to be down 2.2% in the current quarter we're in. on a month-by-month basis that would be a drop of 3%. this would be the first drop in quarterly profits we've seen in years. 88 companies raised red flags. 21 companies signaled positive outlook. that being said one of the big companies we heard from is fedex whose stock is majorly underperforming the broader market, 4% this year. they have been warning saying that their shipments are down in china and u.s. and abroad. they say profits will be down. they will be reporting tomorrow morning and really set a tone. ashley: not particularly great tone, that is the problem, isn't it? that is bellwether for the economy. sandra smith, thank you very
1:55 pm
much. gun retailers around the country are expecting a surge in gun sales if president obama is being reelected. outdoor gear retailer capellas, saw a 25% jump in gun buyers after the 2008 election. the fbi says background checks for gun sales are up 56% from what they were in august of 2008. many other companies in the guns and ammo business also expect a sales surge based on buyers fears if reelected president obama will back policies making gun sales much stricter and more complicated. while president obama has not made any big changes we should point out current gun law buyers perceive a chance for greater regulations. tracy: that is the thing now. everyone thought he was going to do it all along. he never did. ashley: he did not. that is a huge issue and it really does spark a lot of heated debate anytime you talk about changing regulations for gun ownership, weapons. tracy: yeah. all right, well, coming up after the break, looking to
1:56 pm
herbs and vitamin sales overseas for healthy profits at home i guess. stocks at session lows. keep it here on fox business. the dow is down 41 points. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you, to listen and understand what's important to you. it's how we help you choose the right humana medicare plan for you.
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tracy: welcome back. we're still here. i'm tracy byrnes. >> i'm ashley webster. prices reversing an earlier gain. still within striking distance of 100 bucks a barrel, partly on rising tensions in the middle east and north africa. with the presidential election now just 50 days away will the white house tap the strategic petroleum reserve? tracy: plus, general motors reportedly trying to shake off uncle sam, three years after its $50 billion taxpayer-funded bailout. now the government is in no hurry to shed its stake. we'll tell you why coming up.
2:00 pm
ashley: student loan debt climbed to an astounding trillion dollars and counting. is it the next bubble to burst? are colleges partly to blame? tracy: time for stocks. as we do every hour, every 15 minutes let's head down to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. markets -- >> we're looking here the dow is down 40 points. last week we gained 2.1% on heels of federal reserve. federal open market committee noted they have the open-ended bond buying program in place now, right. quantitative easing 3. a highly accommodative fed. we're giving a little bit back. the dollar is gaining strength over the past hour. that could be one of the reasons the commodities are pulling back, oil and gold are pulling back. we have a big deal here. look adana her and iris international. those are on the move. iris is up 45%. this is in the medical area,
2:01 pm
medical with danaher. it is buying the diagnostics company. it is jumping, 19.50 per share in cash. that's a big deal. the whole deal overall is worth 355 million. that is exactly why you saw it topping there. lowe's, take a look there. saying they have withdrawn their offer to acquire a canadian competitor, rona. that is after stiff opposition there from an unsolicited bid. there you go. look at lowe's, pretty flat at moment. ashley: good stuff. up-to-date inno. nicole, thank you very much. appreciate it. we're in the slow-greg u.s. environment should you be looking to invest abroad? my next guest says investors should look overseas to emerging market as a large base of potential consumers. joe durant, see now and founding partner of united capital joining me with this story. with qe3 and the markets doing fairly well when you look at dow and s&p, why wouldn't you want to invest your money right here in the
2:02 pm
u.s.? >> i think you do. i think you want to be investing in the u.s. but you invest in companies that also invest, make money offshore. so the big conglomerate consumer staples companies, the big global technology companies, they all generate 30 to 40% of their revenues offshore. in fact most of their growth is coming from the growing middle class and the rest of the world. we like investing in emerging markets but we like doing it threw u.s. companies that have stable accounting. ashley: any particular countries you like? when we think of china we think of its influence on all the other emerging markets but are there any countries in particular you like? >> there is a couple of things we like to think about. one is what is happening in a secular sense, generational sense and what is happening in cyclical sense. there is no question right now the risks are very much in china and providers to china and includes brazil and most of south america which provide to the chinese
2:03 pm
economy. cyclicly china is in dangerous. it is a long-term investment. you want to bet on a growing middle class throughout the world and invest in companies that provide the middle class and with brand they recognize and aspire to earn. brands as simple as coca-cola and mcdonald's to cigarette manufacturers. they all tend to do a lot more of the vices than we do here in the u.s.. ashley: that's true. so how do you play this, joe? do you like etfs so you can broadly play the region? do you like to go with individual stocks? >> you know, depends on how much money you have. we typically manage all of our clients net worth. we like to diversify. what we try to do on etfs, frankly you get a broad range of investments and they're very good ones with like global consumer brand etfs you can also do it with mutual fund and individual securities. we don't recommend
2:04 pm
individuals do that themselves. they should have a professional to help select a portfolio that takes care of that. very dangerous if you are buy yourself doing all the work that needs to be redone and to rebalance and make sure you're not overinvested in another country versus another. ashley: uncertainty with the presidential election coming up in 50 days. we have the fiscal cliff and so on. there are a lot of dark clouds lurking out there and at least those that could bring certainly concern to investors. what are you telling your clients right now? are you leaning on the conservative side? >> well, what we tell everyone is nobody makes money when there aren't any rain clouds. i know that sounds completely counterintuitive. but if it looks great and there is no risks out there then that gets priced into stocks and you are priced typically in a very bullish way which is not good for you in the long term. so you actually want to see concerns and storm clouds because that is only way you ever make money in stocks over the long term. the second thing we tell them is, be invested in ways
2:05 pm
that allow you to protect multiple scenarios. don't try to make bets in and out of the market but be diversified so whoever wins you're okay. and third thing we're telling them is, the biggest thing holding the market back right now is uncertainty and whoever wins we will have certainty that we're going one way or the other. i think what you might see post-election regardless who wins, is a removal of uncertainty that will allow us to actually see a rally toward year-end. i think that might surprise a lot of people i think we're pricing in this type of move i about the fed, tilts things in obama's direction. we're still going to have a republican house and senate. i think you end up with the same stalemate mat and big battle brewing over the fiscal cliff that's coming. ashley: more of the same, oh, boy. joe, thanks for the information. we appreciate it. >> thank you. tracy: with increasing violence in the middle east pushing the price of oil
2:06 pm
closer to $100 a barrel, although right now it came off the highs of the day maybe because some are betting the obama administration will tap our country's oil reserves. our peter barnes is in washington with more. peter are we still talking about tapping the strategic petroleum reserves? >> a white house official telling me today that option remains on the table as new protests against the u.s. began today in afghanistan, pakistan, lebanon and indonesia over that anti-islamic film. the president of libya now says the attack a week ago on the u.s. consulate in benghazi was anmaed assault. he says that the attack, which occurred on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 was possibly organized by a group with ties to al qaeda. but the obama administration continues to say that the assault was spontaneous and unrelated to the 9/11 attacks. >> we don't see at this point signs that this was a coordinated, planned, premeditated attack.
2:07 pm
obviously we'll wait for the results of the investigation and we don't want to jump to conclusions before then. i think it is important for the american people to know our best current assessment. >> oil and gasoline prices while pulling back a little bit today, remain elevated in part over middle east tensions including new disagreements over the u.s. and israel in response to iran's nuclear program. that fueled new speculation that the president may tap the strategic petroleum reserve 11 weeks before election day. one executive says oil supplies are adequate. >> there aren't many political reasons to draw down the strategic petroleum reserve but there is no strategic reason to draw down the spr based on fundamentals. keep in mind it is the strategic petroleum reserve. not the political expediency petroleum reserve. >> the white house official welcomed comments from saudi officials over the weekend that they are keeping an eye on these oil prices and want
2:08 pm
to help moderate them. tracy and ashley. tracy: peter barnes, thank you very much. i love that. not a political bent. ashley: no, right. billionaire investor warren buffett has completed treatment for prostate cancer. berkshire owned newspaper, the omaha world herald, the investing guru went through 44 cycles of radiation treatment after being diagnosed with stage one cancer in april. about his treatment i had my 44th and last day of radiation. i will feel side-effects for a few weeks yet but i'm so glad to say it is over. buffett told shareholders back in april that the cancer was not remotely life-threatening. he has yet to publicly reveal a succession plan but he already has informed berkshire's board about prefered candidates. he turned 82 years old. tracy: god love him. he is feeling better. ashley: that's good. tracy: coming up the dow is down 56 points right now.
2:09 pm
charles payne watching a stock that may hit a three-month high today. does it have more room to run? we'll find out. ashley: iphone 5 preorders more than doubling those of its pre he had sever in the first -- predecessor, in first 24 hours. did apple miss judge demand or set the barlow on purpose? conspiracy theorists. we're looking oil prices starting to head downward as nicole petallides said earlier. the dollar is gaining strength pushing oil down as well. $95 a barrel. metals also off. we'll be right back. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
2:10 pm
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tracy: the dow is down 58 points but time to make money with charles payne. time to add technology stocks to your portfolio. are you making a bet against apple. >> pay your taxes and never bet against apple. those are the two best piece of evidence and i give to anybody in the world. f5 networks, i've been playing this one for year. ashley: f5 networks. >> absolutely phenomenal. they do some security with networking. they do the whole nuts and bolts with networking. i like the volume on the stock today. it is on the cusp of a major, major breakout it is on the close to 50-day moving average. that is gigantic buy signal.
2:14 pm
my next target would be 118 to 120. it is one of the kind of stocks i don't like. earnings estimates have been drifting a little bit. it is relatively expensive using most valuation metrics, trading six times book, six times sales, one of these things. i like the momentum. with this name volume always precedes a real big move. ashley: what is interesting the amount of data transferred wirelessly has doubled every year for the last five years. what this company does or says it does is help the networks work more smoothly. >> absolutely. ashley: it is in a great position. >> we know that is trend that will not change. matters who gets the lion's share of the business but the overall trend will continue. tracy: to that point, why not buy cisco? >> i don't know what it is with cisco. i don't know if it is like the acquisitions they make they don't necessarily, you know, cisco just hasn't worked out for me that well. i looked at cisco. i looked at sap. this is name pause of higher beta and classic momentum
2:15 pm
name that worked better in terms of making money for shareholders. cisco a great company. i wouldn't disthem. i like this one a little bit more. overall with the market pulling back, i want to share what i thought were key support numbers for nasdaq. 1429. that has to hold. for the dow 13,300 and 13,105. those are key numbers on the downside i think will be very pivotal this week. ashley: we're down just 56 on the dow. >> yeah, yeah. you get the sense we're waiting for something. ashley: yeah. >> mor bad news to move the market higher. imagine if we created just like 30,000 jobs last month. we would be like dow 18,000. ashley: charles, thank you very much. as we do every 15 minutes, let's check the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse where the bears are piling on netflix. >> that's right. we're taking a look here at netflix today. shares have been dropping. that is because mccontrary
2:16 pm
put underperform rating on netflix. the truth of the matter there is so many competition. there are so many balls in the air for netflix. they put a $50 price target. when you see it now, $57, it shows they think it will continue to sell off and talk about some of the other challenges that they have. intense competition. not as many customers signing up. also they could lose things such as a and e and history series that they have. i also want to look at best buy. that has been on the move as the newly appointed ceo, hubert jolly, actually sold shares. $1.1 million worth. apparent to cover taxes associated with it. here is a look at the stock. the stock is down 3 1/2%. a big loser on the fox 50 index as well. back to you. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. appreciate it. tracy: we're coming up with massive protests in portugal against new austerity measures while concerns rise next door in spain that a
2:17 pm
multibillion-dollar bailout is needed. ashley: throwing tomatoes in portugal. a waste after good tomato. here is how the dollar is moving now. up against the euro, down against the pound. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special opsission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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>> 20 minutes past the hour, i'm lauren green with your fox news minute. louisiana state university ordered an evacuation of its campus after receiving a bomb threat. this threat follows similar bomb scarce at north dakota state and the university of texas at austin last week. both those campuses were evacuated but no bombs were found. chicago mayor rahm emanuel has taken a step to end the teachers strike. he asked a court to end what he calls an illegal strike because it endangers the health and safety of the students. the strike affecting 350,000 students is now into its section week. and the historical society of pennsylvania is putting six original drafts and copies of the united states constitution on display tomorrow in honor of the document's 225th anniversary. they are usually kept locked away in a vault except for special occasions. they will be on display for five hours. those are your news headlines on the fox
2:22 pm
business network. now back to ashley and tracy. tracy: thank you, lauren. ashley: thank you, lauren, very much. we appreciate it. well the yield on spain's 10-year bonds rising past 6%. that is the first time since ecb president mario draghi unveiled his plan to buy bonds of struggling eurozone countries. the yield going up is not what was intended. this is adding more pressure on the spanish prime minister to ask for a bailout. for more on this i'm joined by bob kaiser, vice president of s&p capital iq. thank you for being here. look, we have the ecb saying, all right, unlimited bond buying on the struggling sovereign bonds, particularly spain and italy. we have the german court saying yeah, we'll back the esm, the permanent bailout fund. two big major backstops to all of this. is there a danger of complacency on all this? we mentioned 10-year yield on spain going back above 6%. that is not exactly what we want to see.
2:23 pm
>> all the details are out. you initially had the announcement from draghi in july and the market reacted favorably to that. the details came out last week. the ecb has a two-prong approach. they were previously back stopping the banking system with the ltro. now they're addressing sovereign risk in the system. on paper it appears you have a very powerful two-prong approach but there are problems. ashley: all eyes on spain. we heard from spain first time around. no the banks will need help. turns out they need help to the tune of up to 100 billion if they need it. it appears spain needs help with the economy as a whole but we're not getting anything back from the spanish prime minister who seems very reluctant to ask for help based on he doesn't like the conditions and politically it doesn't look good for him. >> what matters here is what the market thinks because spanish cds has fallen roughly 50% in last six weeks. cds was up 600 basis points.
2:24 pm
now it is around three. so the market believes spain will be applying to the program and the european central bank will backstop spain. again, what happens then? is there contagion risk? will the market turn its attention toward italy and say what is italy going to do? very much contrast what is going on in the u.s. where the federal reserve announced qe3, purchase every month as long as it takes in $40 billion in. that is our version in the u.s. what quantitative easing should be. in europe there is lot of questions and consideration. now it is up to the ecb how well they can execute what they pledged to the marketplace. ashley: that is only one part of the equation. the other major part, yes, they can be a backstop but these countries, in particularly those struggling have to get those economic reforms in place. that is the other part of this. in order to do that there is very, very tough austerity measures. how is that going to all work? how can you grow your economy while under those conditions? >> that really is the question. the conditionality with
2:25 pm
spain 25% unemployment rate, how will the man on the street react to austerity requirements when we come down the road? will we see riots in the street like greece and some other countrys? will spain swallow the bitter bill pill and except demands to get what the market is asking for? ashley: we heard for the european commission call for greater integration now. the banking union, a fiscal union. in your opinion is that the only way this euro project is going to work? because it is clearly not working as it stands? >> i think over time the ecb needs to do in small steps what the federal reserve is doing. when the federal reserve does quantitative easing it is for all of united states. you can't just have one sovereign that is under pressure any given month apply for aid and then the marketplace turns its attention to italy. ashley: you have the united states of europe? >> draghi said it himself, when he announced he would do everything in his power to support the single
2:26 pm
currency zone he also said later in the speech we need more europe, not less europe. so i think the two will have to go hand in hand. it will have to be political cooperation over questions like austerity. ashley: political cooperation in the eurozone. yeah. >> political cooperation anywhere these days. ashley: that is true. quickly, greece stays in or drops out? tough one, isn't it? >> greece, we would like to see them stay in because it holds everything together and it is a lot cheaper to keep greece in than to address other contagion risk if the ball starts to roll downhill. ashley: very diplomatic answer. bob kaiser, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. tracy: occupy wall street making its first anniversary mark today with a number of protest around the world but once again the focus is here in new york city. this morning protesters attempted to block people going to work at new york stock exchange which no surprise led to new york city police making under dozen arrests. a year ago there were
2:27 pm
thousands of people. today only a few hundred. as you remember last year protesters set up camp at ducati park in new york's financial district. as winter came few that remained and they were cleared out by the police because, well, it was cold. ashley: i remember there covering it. it was freezing. tracy: the federal government is balking at a plan to shed more of its stake in general motors. lizzie mack is on that story next. ashley: first look at some of today's winners and losers. the dow off 43 points but there are winners. of. office depot up 5%. it is only up 14 cents. but there you go, it is on the plus side.
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
♪ tracy: it is 30 past the hour. time to check on the market. nicole petallides. nicole: we are taking a look at the markets. last week we gained over 2% with good news from the fed. >> i think it is natural to see this short-term pullback in the market. i would have expected maybe a little more on friday heading into the weekend. right now it is just short-term profits coming off the table. not a bot of economic data out there that will move our markets. we have housing numbers coming out late in the week. we have an s&p re- weighting.
2:32 pm
united healthcare going in. kraft coming out. nicole: those are all events that are really great for people in the market all day long, the professionals, right click select kraft coming out of the dow and united health going in. >> continue to look at the housing. i think those sectors they are, you are looking at household, high dividend names that people can invest into gifted this election and year. nicole: want to get to the election, then you have more clarity. ashley: thank you very much, nicole.
2:33 pm
general motors still owes taxpayers billions of dollars. gm wants the government to sell a big portion of that state. elizabeth macdonald here now. >> you cannot sell now because you will lose money. gm has been trading lately, it is still trading below its $33 ipo price back in november 2010. here is the deal. gm has confirmed it has been in talks with treachery to unload that steak since the beginning of the year. this will not likely happen before the november election. here is what they are saying. the tarp rule has hurt us in attracting talent add a page where we can offer executives. it is hard to convince someone to show off to work for the good of the country.
2:34 pm
that is the bottom line. i will tell you something, they have been under fire for the chevy volt. the bottom line is that taxpayers still owe nearly $230 with the fannie freddie allied financial along with other banks including gm. these losses are still blooming. we have to take a wait and see. it may be premature. that is the bottom line. ashley: thank you very much. tracy: oil prices traded within that $100 a barrel mark. we will talk with an analyst who says the higher oil climbs, the closer we move towards and recession. ashley: let's take a look at ten
2:35 pm
and 20 year treasuries. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ forz(power!) andiamo! andiamo! (let's go! let's go!) avanti! avanti! (keep going! keep going!) hahaha...hahahaha! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy?
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2:37 pm
willfully if he is released. shares of low men rants are getting stakes. jefferies, goldman sachs, jpmorgan among others operate the company a buy. shares of office depot are higher today. office depot may improve profitability if it implements a few suggestions. that is the latest from fox business. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
2:38 pm
ashley: olio losing ground despite ways of violence and protest spreading across the east. let's go to jeff flock now.
2:39 pm
jeff: major breaking stories here indeed, ashley. olio just bounce back a little bit. >> we put everyone out there to find out the reason. we have had some strategic release rhetoric. we have also seen some stories that traders sold way too much accidentally. jeff: that is a rumor. this is the world largest newsroom, essentially. you get all sorts of facts and rumors in here essentially. >> it is a huge move. over four dollars in a matter of minutes. that is generally where we would both to first aired. jeff: when they see a big move in a big player like oil, that is huge. >> sometimes those are the
2:40 pm
context. jeff: scott, thank you for the insight. we grabbed him quickly only sell that move on oil. still no great explanation for it. even that kind of rhetoric would not, i don't think, be $3.50. ashley: jeff flock, at the cme, thank you very much. tracy: let's get more on where oil prices are heading and what it means for the price you are going to pay at the pump. thank you for being with us. we have all this talk about illegal moving rapidly today. we are talking about potentially $120 a barrel. do you expect to see that? >> no i do not. history has been very clear. once oil starts to get up to this level, it is at the top of
2:41 pm
its mechanism. all of the sudden the economy starts to naturally correct itself and bring oil prices back down to lower levels. we may have a couple more dollars, but i do not see much more room left in the oil price at this level. tracy: we are closing oil at $96.22 a barrel. they do not know what that drop was. what worries you the most? earlier phil flynn says nigeria. what part of the world concerned you are not all eyes are focused on iran if israel decides to make any kind of strike there. i think that will have a big impact on the price of oil. tracy: you know, the next
2:42 pm
question, of course, is whether or not they will tap the strategic petroleum reserve? >> nobody really wants to do that. i think with the government really wants to do is keep speculators and derivative traders on their guard. they do not want to see a huge long division in the market. they are willing to talk oil down as far as possible to get very serious about that that. tracy: gas prices, of course, could serve everyone at home. will we see gas prices at five dollars? >> i do not see that happening. we do see a self-correcting mechanism. what is happening right now is internationally we are seeing very tight oil supplies. internationally, it is very tight. what is happening is these refineries in the states are producing the least amount of gasoline for american drivers
2:43 pm
possible. that is what is giving our retail gasoline prices the lift that it has never had before. that is keeping tabs prices at the pump higher, but i do not see five dollar gas. tracy: always love it when you are here, sir beard thank you. ashley: pre-orders for the iphone5 are already sold out at most places. at&t saying this is the best-selling iphone ever. where are the numbers to prove it? dennis kneale here to cover that story. dennis: the iphone5 is not even out yet. the next wave is sold out. it sold more than 2 million in just 24 hours. that is more than double. at&t this morning saying the five has just set a new record for its early smart phone
2:44 pm
orders. how is it that the world's smartest, hippest company could get this so wrong? why not just have 4 million ready at the start. is apple that clueless or is apple creating a supply shortage purposely? it was not all that contrite about the supply saying "iphone5 theaters have shattered the previous record held by the previous iphone." one source inside apple tells me, this shortage is for real. forecasting demand and rubbing up manufacturing that matches a very black art and basically -- ashley: very interesting, dennis kneale on a little bit of a conspiracy theory on apple setting the bar low. tracy: are you getting one?
2:45 pm
dennis: i would love one, but i have happy with the one i have. tracy: following up on the job of the person oil. this cme group says it is not aware of any technical issues triggering a crude fell off. we just heard our very own jeff flock is talking about fat fingered trade. the cme saying not so at this time. it is quarter till. the dow is down 50 points. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what is happening to our dow here? we have lost your sound, nicole. we are down 48.5 out. tracy: is it a bubble that is
2:46 pm
about to burst? we will find out next. ashley: first, let's take a look at some of today's winners and losers., 643, of another 1% today. very impressive. ♪
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tracy: we have some breaking news. we want to follow up on that drop on the price of oil. the cme group says they are not aware of any triggering of the selloff. we heard phil flynn, sorry, jeff flock earlier saying there is talk with a fat fingered trade. at this point, we know nothing. ashley: we saw a three dollars drop in less than a minute. let's go to sandra smith now. sandra: sorry. i had a fun to my ear. you almost caught me. i am literally putting out phone calls to find out why we saw that drop. here is the intraday drop we just saw. this is not altogether uncommon, by the way. they tend to be very volatile instruments.
2:51 pm
when any news makes the market, all of these things in the past few weeks, there has been a lot of things floating around those pits. here is the drop. at one point we were just around $100 a barrel. we have hit a low now. still down about $2.05. if i look back at a weekly chart , you will see this is a very volatile time for those crude prices. everyone trying to figure out what is next. we have a lot of big investment house cause. dropping back down to, if i put up figure today chart, back to the lows of the year that we
2:52 pm
saw. back to $75. the low we sell over the summer. the cme is not saying anything about that right now. to their knowledge, nothing like that happened. we still do have a pretty significant drop. oil, the pit session is closed for the day. you tend to get lighter volume. we will keep watching for everybody. ashley: interesting stuff. tracy: sandra smith, thank you. ashley: that very sharp selloff in less than a minute. that has people scratching their heads. tracy: it sure does. that is why we will go back to jeff flock. jeff: everyone has been speculating about it. it is something that you just do not see. that is why the initial thought was a fat finger somewhere or a trading glitch.
2:53 pm
the cme is saying that does not appear to be the case based on any technical stuff here. keep in mind, this is subject to a larger price swing. you have the rosh hashanah holiday which tends to take some value out. and you have the expiration of the contract coming up. at this point, i wish i could give you something better, but everyone is standing here scratching their heads. ashley: jeff flock at the cme. thank you very much, jeff. tracy: many similar circumstances between that and the housing crisis. joining us now to talk about this. there are a lot of similarities that i think a lot of people at home, especially kids on their way to college are noticing. >> that is precisely the
2:54 pm
interaction of credit and prices which goes to make up a bubble or unsustainable boom as you push credit at a sec there or make it very easy to get a loan people spending the money drive the prices up. the prices going higher make people feel like they have to borrow more and that makes the prices go higher. as you suggest, that is a really entry interesting parallel. the college crisis has been pushed higher and higher and the debt gets bigger and bigger then you have to say, what comes at the end and what could you do about it. tracy: we are seeing student loan debt higher than outstanding credit card debt these days. more and more people holding student loan debt these days.
2:55 pm
>> what everybody observed looking at mortgages was when you had the so-called cell in mortgages which met that the organization making alone did not keep the loan, and had no risk, just sold it to someone else, you have much laxer lending standards. that that the bubble. likewise, if you think about student loans, who is really promoting student loans? it turns out it is a college itself. the college gets the money and they spend it. the risk of nonpayment all goes someplace else. just as people have sent it mortgages, we ought to make sure the lenders have what we call skin in the game or ongoing risk, my idea is that colleges should have a serious portion of the risk of nonpayment posted at loans.
2:56 pm
maybe 20% by class so that they have two make good bones, keep down the cost of the loans are productive and make sure the students are really learning something which will help them get a job and not just feeding the college's revenues. [ talking over each other ] tracy: i was just talking about this with a bunch of friends the other day. thank you so much from your insight. that is a great idea. tuition keeps going up and nowadays you wonder is it worth it. ashley: absolutely right. cheryl casone will take us to the last hour of trading. "countdown to the closing bell" is next. ♪ want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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